Welcome to my 2015 Winnebago ERA 70A Blog


Some people are predisposed against any RVs. But when you tell them it’s a Mercedes van motorhome, they seem astounded. I even have drivers of other vehicles waving and giving me the thumbs up! Most people don’t know what a Winnebago ERA is, but having owned my coach for one month, I am supremely pleased.

The decision to buy this particular model was an exhaustive one. I rented a 70X in Eugene OR before buying, but found the 2 rear captain’s chairs just got in the way. The 70C has a great rear bathroom, but the double bed was just too small. The 70A on the other hand, has a narrow RV king size bed or it can be 2 twin beds. Plus the ability to convert the front love seat into a single bed allows me to sleep 3. Having the 2 TVs is also a great feature. Each floor plan is good, but for different needs.

As a Coast Guard safety technician, I will use the coach for my inspections of cutters, lighthouses, etc. on the west coast. It also will be used for fly fishing, sea kayaking, and electric biking trips. Tailgating and antique shows may be in the future as well. I’ve owned other RVs in the past, but this is a grand new adventure for me and my family. I am 61 years old. None of the men in my family made it out of their 70s. So what was I waiting for?

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